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Set Honey

A firm textured honey from Spring rape flowers

set honey jar

We have been bee-keeping on the Tipsy farm for many years, with all our hives located in our gorgeous wild flower meadows on the banks of the River Medina, overrlooking Osborne House. Our honey, made from happy bees living in happy hives, has won many awards for it's vibrant amber colour and taste, and is the key ingredient in both our Tipsy Wight Spiced Honey Vodka Liqueur and our Honey & Lemon flavours.

Our set honey is absolutely pure, cold extracted and filtered straight from the comb in the spring when the bees have foraged for and collected nectar from oil seed rape crops. It naturally crystalises resulting in lightly coloured set honey that melts like icing sugar on your tongue!

Available in 227g


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We are really busy making more and this will be available shortly.

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