Apricot Vodka Liqueur

Cultivated in India since 3000BC, apricots are an original superfood, packed with fibre and Vitamin A, they also are an ancient aphrodisiac and antioxidant. What is not to like.

Apricots are a gorgeous fruit, sweeter than a peach, juicier than a date and full of genuine nutritional goodness. Tipsy Wight® Apricot Vodka Liqueur is  packed with an intense flavour and a long finish, and is a perfect served chilled on it's own and as the base for brandy and orange themed cocktails. We use the variety Prunas armeniaca for it's sweet, smooth flavour and beautiful colour.

Available in 4cl & 20cl or as a gift set with two shot glasses. 24% Vol



Apricot Vodka Liqueur Image