Twelve Days of Christmas Vodka Liqueur Gift Set

A selection of Vodka Liqueurs to take you through the Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is a lovely time to look back on the past year and what better way than to be able to taste each season in the Twelve Days of Christmas gift set. We start in the spring gathering elderflowers for our Tipsy Wight Elderflower Vodka Liqueur and as the summer  and autumn unfold, we harvest each crop when they are ready, so everything is made entirely from fresh natural ingredients, right up until we pick our sloes as winter approaches.

All our vodkas and vodka liqueurs are handmade in small batches using fresh ingredients grown or foraged for on and around our Victorian farm here on the Isle of Wight.

Depending on availability, this set will include x12 4cl 24%Vol mini bottles selected from the following range: Cherry, Apricot, Rhubarb & Vanilla, Damson, Mulberry, Spiced Pear, Crabapple, Sloe, Wild Mint & Cucumber, Honey & Lemon, Wild Plum, Lavender, Hazelnut, Elderflower, Chilli,  Medlar, Blackcurrant, Quince and Spiced Honey made using award winning honey from the Tipsy Wight bee hives.

Quirky, delicious and beautifully packaged, this gift set will certainly delight its recipient!








Twelve Days of Christmas Vodka Liqueur Gift Set Image