Crabapple Vodka Liqueur

An ancient symbol of love, crabapples are the ancestor of our cultivated apples. Tipsy Wight® Crabapple vodka liqueur has a unique sweet acidic flavour. Delicious served chilled with cheese or as part of a hot toddy with your favourite chocolate!

Great Taste Award (Two stars) 2020 and 2022. The judges said:-

"Delivers so much on the palate, sweet, gentle and delicious. A lovely light apple colour on the pour, the nose is perfumed with tart apple and a hint of sweetness which is very pleasant. Wonderfully smooth with notes of crabapple and honey."

The crabapple is a wonderful plant, producing a beautiful delicate pink or white blossom in the spring and then an abundant crop of yellow to red fruits in October, often surviving throughout the winter months. Our crabapples are grown exclusively on the Isle of Wight in various rural locations. There are actually over thirty varieties, but principally we use Malus sylvestris, the European wild apple. Tipsy Wight® Crabapple Vodka has a unique sweet-acidic taste with a slightly perfumed citrus note.

Available in 50cl, 20cl & 4cl, 24% Vol


Crabapple Vodka Liqueur Image