Hedgerow Vodka Liqueur

Where the wild things are. Our hedgerow vodka liqueur is a heavenly blend of blackberries, sloes, haw berries, elderberries and rosehips to produce a rich, deep and complex vodka celebrating our rural hedgerows in a single bottle.

The English hedgerow is an extraordinary phenomenum, a linear orchard packed full of wonderfully delicious surprises, and each plant has a story to tell. The hawthorn in particular has colourful references in folklore, strongly associated with love, principally because of it’s heady and fragrant May blossom. It is also said to ward off lightning strikes if worn in a hatband.

Hawthorn trees can live over a hundred years and are one of our most prolific British hedgerow trees, planted in abundance during the Inclosure Acts of the C.19th when the majority of hedgerows were established in England.

Available in 20cl & 4cl bottles, 24% Vol.


Hedgerow Vodka Liqueur Image