Lavender Vodka Liqueur

Lavender’s blue dilly dilly. Add a special flavour to any occasion with our delicately floral Lavender Vodka Liqueur.


We love English lavender. It is an ancient magical plant, steeped in folklore, beautiful to the eye and with almost spiritual properties. In medieval times they believed carrying a sprig of lavender let you see ghosts and everyone knew the fairies lived amongst the lavender.

We are thrilled to launch our Tipsy Wight® Lavender Vodka Liqueur adding to our range of twenty beautiful vodkas. Redolent of Parma Violets and dreamy summer days we are immensely proud of this edition to the Tipsy family.

Serve chilled with Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic, or for absolute decadence combine with Tipsy Wight® Elderflower Vodka liqueur and Champagne!

Available in 20cl & 4cl. Also 20cl & shot glass gift set.  24% Vol



Lavender Vodka Liqueur Image