Medlar Vodka Liqueur

Made from the utterly unique Medlar fruit, this stunning vodka liqueur has gorgeous complex flavour, redolent of apple sauce, dates and a hint of cinnamon.

Great Taste Award 2020. The judges said:-

"Light, gently perfumed, with a hint of dry grasses. How lovely to see a vodka with golden hues! Clear and bright with an interesting nose of fresh tea leaves, green apple and subtle spice."

The Medlar (Mespilus germanica) is an amazing other worldly looking fruit cultivated since Roman times, with an utterly unique shape, and strange petals, known as sepals surrounding an open end. In England where the climate is cooler than in the Mediterranean where these fruits originated from, the medlar needs to ripen off the tree for a few weeks before they can be eaten raw, a process known as Bletting. This increases the sweetness and decreases the tannins and acids that make the fruit taste bitter. This is when the true apple pie, date, cinnamon flavours emerge. In the Mediterranean where there is enough heat and sunshine to ripen the fruit, the passing locals simply pick them off the trees and, hey presto, lunch!

Tipsy Wight Medlar Vodka Liqueur can be enjoyed on its own or with tonic over ice. If you are feeling decadent and want a bit of sparkle then serve it with your favourite Prosecco. Cheers!

Available in 20cl & 4cl, 24% Vol


Medlar Vodka Liqueur Image