Mulberry Vodka Liqueur

Here we go round the Mulberry bush....!



Their leaves are the sole source of food for the silk worm, and therefore a hugely important plant, the mighty mulberry has been cultivated for nearly three thousand years, particularly in China, where the white mulberry contributed to the vast silk industry. In more temperate climates the red and black mulberries grow well, but they are not eaten by silkworms, although  their berries are delicious. Mulberries were grown in the UK in the seventeenth century in a failed attempt to compete with the Chinese, and some of these trees descendants still survive. 

The famous song, Here We Go Round the Mulberry bush refers to one of these trees, located in Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire. The female prisoners, mainly prostitutes, were made to exercise by circling a mulberry tree, and made up the song to keep their children entertained. 

Our Tipsy Wight Mulberry Liqueur has a totally unique taste, made from red and black mulberries, which are sweet and rich producing a deep berry flavour reminiscent of raspberry pies and blackcurrent sundaes. A georgous mix of sweetness and tart, it works well on its own over ice and is fabulous in Prosecco as a Kir. 

Available in 20cl and 4cl bottles. Also 20cl & 2 shot glasses in a presentation box. All sizes 24%Vol.





Mulberry Vodka Liqueur Image