Sloe Vodka Liqueur

We pick each berry by hand from the banks of the river Medina and steep them for over a year to create a rich, complex flavour. Ideal for weddings and shooting parties

Sloeberries are actually a type of wild plum, the fruit of the Blackthorn tree, Prunus spinosa. Blackthorn is a traditional plant used in hedgerows because of its ferocious thorns and dense foliage making it ideal for stockproofing. The name derives from both the thorns and the very dark bark. It produces a gorgeous show of white flowers very early in the spring and so is an important source of nectar for bees after the long winter months.

They say that sloes shouldn’t be picked until after the first frost, but actually on the island that would be too late. Island sloes mature in September and if you wait until the frost comes in November they would have all gone.  We allow our sloes to steep for a year to produce Tipsy Wight® Sloe vodka ensuring a really deep colour and rich flavour, so each autumn we are actually bottling last year’s crop.

In folklore the blackthorn is supposed to have magical qualities and is the favourite wood for witches wands, and even today is used to make the staffs for commissioned officers in the Royal Irish Regiment and the very best walking sticks.

Availble in 50cl, 20cl & 4cl bottles, 24% Vol.



Sloe Vodka Liqueur Image