Wild Plum Vodka Liqueur

A modern twist on a traditional harvest time punch, our Tipsy Wight® Wild Plum vodka is hugely popular, with a powerful damson and plum finish and is perfect when celebrating with friends. The location of our Wild Plum trees is a closely guarded secret!

Wild plums are presumed to be the cool cousins of the damsons that ran away to have an adventure! There are several varieties of Prunus domestica ssp. insititia or bullace with blue-black fruits that have a green flesh. Though similar in look to sloes, the fruits are larger and if timed right can be eaten straight from the tree! 

Wild plums can be quite hard to find so when we do, the location is a closely guarded secret! The resulting tipple can be enjoyed on its own or with Prosecco for a celebration. For the more adventurous, combine with Rye whisky and a sage infused syrup for a deeply comforting drink!

Available in 20cl & 4cl botttles, 24% Vol.



Wild Plum Vodka Liqueur Image