Tipsy Wight Cocktails

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Darling Quince & Clementine

Made using: Tipsy Wight® Quince Vodka Liqueur

Oh my, this is a gorgeous cocktail combining the subtle citrus and honey flavours of Tipsy Wight® Quince Vodka Liqueur with the tangy, sweet flavour of freshly squeezed clementines served over ice cold Prosecco. A perfect party starter for the festive season. Clementines, a cross between an orange and a mandarin, were invented by Brother Clement Rodier, a French missionary working in an orphanage in Algiers in 1892. In his spare time he grafted two trees together and hey presto, Clementines were born. They are such a Christmassy fruit,discovered by countless children buried deep in their Christmas stocking.

50ml Quince Vodka Liqueur
50ml Freshly squeezed clementine Juice
150ml Chilled Prosecco
Twist of Lemon peel to garnish
Simply combine Quince Vodka Liqueur & clementine juice and top with chilled Prosecco
Garnish with lemon peel twist

Darling Quince & Clementine