Quince Vodka Liqueur

A subtle, complex, fruity vodka with a honey like aroma and an utterly unique flavour that will make you smile. Great Taste Award 2019

Great Taste Award. The Judges said:-

"A beautiful, bright orange, amber colour. The aroma is light and fruity. Pleasant and fruity with excellent balance between sweetness and a gorgeous tannic bitterness. Excellent, we love it." 

A second cousin twice removed of the pear, quinces are an oft overlooked fruit, but they grow into a beautiful delicately coloured yellow fruit with a soft downy coating, producing a beguiling and wonderfully complex vodka. In ancient Greece a new bride would nibble a quince before entering the bridal chamber to 'perfume her kiss' for the first greeting, and in the Balkans a quince tree is planted when a baby is born to celebrate fertility, love and life. 

Available in 50cl, 20cl, & 4cl 24%Vol


Quince Vodka Liqueur Image