Tipsy Wight Cocktails

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Tipsy Wight Bloody Mary

Made using: Tipsy Wight® Chilli Vodka

We grow seriously hot chillies and infuse them for months to create a powerful and interesting flavour that people just love. For a more daring twist use a half measure of our Chilli Vodka with a half measure of our Wild Garlic Vodka!

50ml Tipsy Wight® Chilli Vodka
150ml Tomato Juice
25ml lemon juice
Dash of dry white wine
Pinch of celery salt
Pinch of cracked black pepper
Pinch of chopped celery leaves
Celery stick & chilli slices to garnish
Roll all ingredients in a shaker half filled with ice cubes to chill
Strain into a highball over ice cubes
Garnish with chilli slices, extra pepper & celery stick

Tipsy Wight Bloody Mary