Wild Garlic Vodka

Wild thing! Our latest flavour, made from fresh wild garlic leaves grown in our own woodlands and hedgebanks. The perfect base for a Bloody Mary.

With their gorgeous star shaped white flowers and heady aroma, Wild Garlic or Ramsoms as they sometimes known are a familiar site across the UK in the spring, growing prolifically in damp woodlands. If you fall asleep in a field of wild garlic on a full moon you are guaranteed protection from Vampires. We use the broad, spear-like leaves in our Wild Garlic Vodka. It has a fabulously mild taste, but a deep and complex garlic flavour, quite different from ordinary garlic bulbs. We have been nagged for ages by our friends at the world famous Garlic Farm on the island to produce a really beautiful and unusual garlic vodka, and we are all really excited with the result. It is the perfect base for a Bloody Mary.



Wild Garlic Vodka Image