Tipsy Wight Cocktails

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Wild One!

Made using: Tipsy Wight® Wild Garlic Vodka

Our Wild Garlic Vodka has a fabulously mild taste, but a deep and complex garlic flavour, quite different from any garlic that you may have tasted before!. We would like to introduce you to a Bloody Mary with a twist......not only because of the wild garlic but also from the amazing flavour of The Tomato Stall Sunshine Juice! For a spicier version of this drink try using half garlic vodka with half chilli vodka!!

60ml Tipsy Wight Wild Garlic Vodka
100ml Isle of Wight Sunshine Tomato juice
Sriracha Sauce to taste
25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
Celery seeds (optional)
Black pepper
Celery stick to garnish
Add Tipsy Wight Wild Garlic Vodka, tomato juice, celery seeds and sriracha to cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes
Roll the shaker for a few moments to mix & chill ingredients together
Add fresh ice cubes to highball & strain rolled mixture out of cocktail shaker
Garnish with black pepper and celery stick

Wild One!