Elderflower Vodka Liqueur & Six Tipsy Shot Glasses

A larger bottle with six of our wonky shot glasses - perfect when entertaining your chums!

The Elder (Sambucas nigra) is an amazing plant, steeped in folklore, producing shimmering flowers early in the summer that fill the air with a heady perfume. Legend has it that if you stand under an Elder tree on midsummer’s eve the fairies will appear, but take care to stay awake or they will carry you off. The name comes from the Anglo Saxon word eller, meaning a kindler of fire, this is because the trunk of the elder is hollow and was often used with bellows to stoke up a fire.

Tipsy Wight® Elderflower Vodka makes a perfect long summer drink served with lemonade, but for that special occasion try our famous ‘Elderbubbles’ cocktail, combining our Elderflower vodka liqueur with Prosecco.

This set includes six wonky shot glasses to share your choice of tipple! Each glass holds 6cl.

50cl 24% Vol.

50cl elderflower & glasses & boxes


Elderflower Vodka Liqueur & Six Tipsy Shot Glasses Image