Times Two - Winter Two

A Brace of Damson and Spiced Honey Vodka Liqueur

Tipsy Wight® Damson Vodka Liqueur is a complex, rich and delightful vodka made exclusively from wild Isle of Wight wild damsons.  The wild damson is closely related to the domestic plum, but is found growing in random rural locations such as river banks and copses. The autumn crop of Bible black fruit is prolific. Gorgeous served with ice cream or cheesecake.

Tipsy Wight® Spiced Honey Vodka Liqueur is made entirely from honey produced from our award winning beehives, blended with four exotic spices to create a truly romantic vodka, redolent of exotic holidays in faraway lands.

Presentation box including two 20cl bottles, 24% Vol.


Times Two - Winter Two Image