Damson Vodka Liqueur & Two Shot Glasses

A complex, rich and delightful vodka made exclusively from damsons grown on the Isle of Wight

We must thank the Romans for introducing us to Damsons. When ripe, the fruits are indigo blue with a powdery greyish bloom, and when steeped in vodka create a deeply complex but rich flavour. Tipsy Wight® Damson Vodka Liqueur can be enjoyed neat or as part of a cocktail and is gorgeous served along side ice-cream or cheesecake.

Hidden deep in the island is a lost orchard planted in Victorian times to serve a manor house that has long since been demolished. The owners, who live in a cottage in the grounds love it, but it produces way too many damsons for them to consume. This source of our gorgeous Tipsy Wight® Damson Vodka has become an annual pilgrimage to harvest its' delicious crop!

It is a lovely feeling knowing that an orchard planted over a hundred years ago has been brought back to life, it's gnarled and twisted branches dripping with dark damsons that produce a unique and delicious vodka that people just love.

Available in 4cl and 20cl bottles. 24% Vol


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