Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur

Our hazelnut vodka liqueur is made using succulent hazelnuts that the red squirrels haven't managed to scamper away with!

Part of Celtic legend, the hazelnut tree has long been associated with fire, fertility, wisdom and a cure for toothache to boot!  That aside it is extremely useful as food for both animals and humans, being the second largest nut crop worldwide after almonds. After picking in mid september the nuts are gently roasted, then steeped in fine grain vodka till we are satisfied that the balance of nuttiness and sweetness is absolutely perfect. Serve neat with your favourite chocolates and relax beside the fire. 

Available in 20cl & 4cl bottles, 24% Vol.



We are really busy making more and this will be available shortly.

Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur Image