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We are proud to launch our incredible new Tipsy Wight® Medlar Vodka Liqueur.

Date Posted: 3 October 2019
Categories: Medlar Vodka Liqueur

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We are really excited about our latest flavour, Medlar Vodka Liqueur, which has been lovingly prepared over the last three seasons and is now finally ready. With a gorgeous complex flavour, redolent of apple sauce and dates with a hint of cinnamon, the Medlar has an utterly unique flavour which people just love.

Medlas (Mespilus germanica) are an amazing fruit, we think they are from Mars, with strange antennae known as sepals and a curious open end to the fruit. The Medlar actually originates from the mediterranean (we lied about Mars) and have been cultivated since Roman times. In England, where the climate is cooler the fruit need to ripen off the tree for several days, a process known as bletting. This increases the sweetness and transforms the fruit releasing the flavours beautifully.

In the mediterranean, where the days are longer and warmer, the fruit ripen on the tree and passing locals simply pluck them from the branches and hey presto, lunch!

Tipsy Wight Medlar Vodka Liqueur can be enjoyed on its own or with tonic over ice. If you are feeling decadent and want a bit of sparkle then serve it with your favourite Prosecco. Cheers!

Available now on the Tipsy Wight website in 20cl, 4cl bottle sizes, as well as various gift sets!

                                   Medlar fruit